• New enemies: Soldiers

    These are no ordinary thugs but trained professionals - well equipped and dead bent on completing their mission. They have infiltrated the Old Town so don't let your guard down.

  • New zombie: Mutated goon

    Test your combat skills against a formidable mutated goon that has appeared somewhere in Harran's Old Town.

  • New outfit: Hunted player skin

    Collect Requisition Packs dropped by soldiers to unlock this brand-new outfit for Kyle Crane.

  • Exclusive weapon: Harran Military Rifle - register for free at Gemly┬áto receive this exclusive and powerful rifle that will greatly increase your chances against the new enemies

    All Dying Light players on PC can now get the Content Drop #0 DLC for free. Update your game to access the new content.

    Content Drop #0 is scheduled for release on consoles mid-October 2017.